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Yogi Tea Recipe

Whenever the leaves start turning, and the temperatures start getting cooler, I find myself gravitating towards warming spices and teas.

The yogi tea recipe includes many of these fragrant herbs that helps pacify the Vata dosha, which is the energy that has airy and light qualities when balanced, but brings about anxiety when not.

Autumn is also the best season to pacify Vata, so this tea is perfect for this time of the year!

See recipe below.

Hope you enjoy this recipe, let me know in the comments what you think about it!

Yoga Knowledge Disclaimer

I am currently studying yoga through the Bhodi Yoga Center. Bodhi Yoga™ is a therapeutic style of yoga that benefits beginners and challenges advanced students of any age or ability. It utilizes the power of the "slow approach," where the journey is as important as the destination.

Consult your physician before starting any new intense workout regimen.

Yoga is a ancient tradition linked to Indian cultures. I am not of Indian cultural descent and try to practice yoga from a place of learning and deep respect for cultures that made this practice available for all of us. Any yogic knowledge you see on this page was not created or invented by me, rather established and practiced for thousands of years. For more information on the history of Yoga, click here and visit the Indian Yoga Association webpage.


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